The Healthy Wealthy Warriors is a team of committed entrepreneurs who use the Juice Plus network marketing franchise to reach our health goals and/or financial goals.  The team is made up of healthcare professionals, students, small business owners, pensioners - you name it!  

The team leader, Simone Davis, set up Healthy Wealthy Warriors after ten years in industry followed by 10 years running her Chinese Medicine clinic and she realized that people either had money but poor health because of their working environment and the hours they had to work. Or alternatively they have good health through working in a wholesome environment, but limited financial resources due to working a time-for-money business model.

To try to redress the balance between health and wealth, I started the Juice Plus franchise to complement the work I do in clinic and to generate a passive income to see me through the quieter times EG after Christmas or during the summer holidays.  However, I now find this such a rewarding career choice that the balance is shifting and my quality of life is continually improving because of that, so I now want to share this opportunity with as many people as possible who also feel the need to redress their work-life balance.

In 2013 Juice Plus celebrated their 20th anniversary. This is what they write on their website.

We have always put people at the centre of our business and today, the Juice Plus+ Company is at the forefront of the health and wellness industry. It is one of the most important markets of the 21st century which you can be a part of it. Learn more about our Juice Plus+ Franchise business model! Juice Plus+ Franchise