Boot Camp

Sign up for the  Juice Plus franchise then log in to our 12-week Secrets to Success Online Boot Camp and in just three months from now you can have a very good monthly income from tis passive income stream if you follow the lessons closely. Expected earnings depend upon how much time you have to devote to the business and just like getting an aeroplane off the ground, all the effort goes in to starting up, then focus and attention when you start to take off, then eventually you are flying high at cruising altitude with minimal effort. However, with minimal effort you can very easily earn £60-200 per month in commissions.  With a bit more focus and a desire to succeed you can regularly get up to £500 per month.  If, however, you follow the weekly steps in this boot camp closely and you make a concerted effort, you can build a team of people and be financially recognized for building their success and doing this you can move up into 4-figure earnings. For the real high-flyers who choose to make this their primary business, the bonuses available exceed £50,000 and include a contribution to your health insurance as well.  At this level, you will certainly have a business asset that can be bequeathed to a loved one, so remember, this is a serious business opportunity for those who want to seize it! Go to the Buy Juice Plus Franchise tab , follow the steps and once you have a franchisee number, you will be granted access to the online boot camp.