If you want to capitalise on the wellness movement that is sweeping the Western World, you need to get three things right;

  • Product
  • Timing
  • Positioning

We are offering you a totally affordable online business-in-a-box solution with a fantastic totally plant-based healthcare product that is backed by over 33 pieces of independent scientific evidence from universities and professional bodies around the world.  The timing is NOW – more people than ever NEED to take care of their own health because they cannot rely on a failing, unaffordable healthcare system.  That just leaves the ‘positioning’.  An online business allows you to work the hours you want to work, yet still reach a global audience, even while you sleep!  Your online business is open 24-7 and your customers can purchase from you, even while you are on holiday, sleeping or maybe while you continue your day job if you so choose.

The Healthy Wealthy Warriors believe that IT IS FAR EASIER TO MAINTAIN GOOD HEALTH THAN TO RECOVER FROM POOR HEALTH, yet so-called ‘healthcare’ systems around the world are becoming ‘disease care’ systems that focus on administering a drug for every ill, and in many cases on giving drugs pre-emptively and telling people they have to take them for the rest of their lives. Western Medical Doctors are trained in drugs but not nutrition, so their patients are not getting advice on how they can use their food as their medicine to boost their own immune system and avoid getting ill in the first place.

THE TIME FOR CHANGE HAS COME! There is a burgeoning wellness movement that is powered by people wanting and needing to take back control of their own health and the result is a massively expanding wellness industry with record levels of gym membership, slimming clubs, charities trying to offer support and solutions to people with specific health problems. 

We are uniquely positioned to capitalise right now on this growing industry whilst political chaos and economic uncertainty reign.  The Healthy Wealthy Warriors are business owners with an entrepreneurial spirit balanced by a deep understanding of the importance of having a solid work-life balance.  Running our online businesses means that we can manage our business around our lives, our children, our family commitments yet still earn an unlimited income AND benefit our own health at the same time.

We have reached this balance with an online Juice Plus personal franchise business.  Juice Plus is simply a blend of 30 varieties of encapsulated fruit, vegetable and berries that provides the equivalent of 15 portions per day.  It is the next best thing to fresh fruit and vegetables and offers a quick, simple and practical solution for busy people, those recuperating from illness or athletes wanting to attain peak performance.  What’s move, because it is harvested and dried straight from the plant, it retains 98% of the phytonutrients which would otherwise be lost during packaging, shipping and storing in the supermarkets, not to mention the fact that Juice Plus fruit and vegetables are ripened in natural sunlight rather than in a container ship half way across the Atlantic!

It has never been more important for you to regain control of your health and your wealth.  The Juice Plus Online Business offers you such a chance.  People today are looking for answers to how they can improve the health and financial security for themselves and their families and with your own Juice Plus business, you could help them to achieve exactly that. 

Start your own Juice Plus Online Franchise by clicking on the Start Your Business tab at the top of the page.  We will give you all the training and support you need – you cannot fail in this business, you can only give up, so either you can take this opportunity, or someone else will!