Are you looking for Financial Freedom?

Healthy Wealthy Warriors can offer you Financial Freedom….

Here at Healthy Wealthy Warriors we offer people the ability to achieve Financial Freedom via the implementation of a Juice Plus Franchise Opportunity.  We can provide you with a fantastic product, a proven business model and the knowledge and experience to help you to grow your own business in order to achieve the Financial Freedom that you seek.

How does a Juice Plus Franchise Opportunity Work?

Want to become a Healthy Wealthy Warrior?

If you are interested in becoming a Healthy Wealthy Warrior please contact us today and we will help you to get set up with a distributor account, your very own e-commerce website and any other support that you might need.

Answering the other questions you may have?

Is this a pyramid scheme?

No! The Juice Plus online franchise is categorically NOT a pyramid scheme.  Not only would that be unethical, but it is not sustainable.  This business is a financial ASSET once you have built it up.  Many of the distributors have been in the business for over 20 years and they are both ‘accessible’ to anyone in the business for advice, but also enjoy a

Firstly the Wikipedia definition of a pyramid scheme is as follows (Debunking this myth is very important):

A pyramid scheme is an unsustainable business model that involves promising participant’s payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.

  • Healthy Wealthy Warriors offers an equal opportunity business model
  • All of our members receive the Health & Nutrition products at the same price directly from Juice Plus and everyone is entitled to the same commissions and bonuses.
  • Commission and bonuses are paid directly from the manufacturer, Juice Plus+
  • In practice, what this means is that everyone who joins the Healthy Wealthy Warrior team is potentially able to earn more than the person who introduced them.
  • Because everyone has to attain a certain number of sales to qualify for the bonus awarded from their team, no-one is able to sit back and do nothing whilst reaping the rewards of your hard work.  If your sponsor does not have a Qualifying Business then he or she will only get commission from their own sales, not from yours.

This is the main point and it is a real pyramid scheme myth buster. So no, the Juice Plus online business franchise is most certainly NOT a Pyramid scheme in any way, shape or form.

Going back to ‘Pyramids’ because many people are already in ‘Pyramid Schemes’, so let’s evaluate your existing business.

Let me ask you – do you buy in products or services to then sell on? If yes then you could already be part of a pyramid scheme!

Say you sell ‘cans of beans’ from your small corner shop….

Heinz – make the beans and sell them to large wholesalers/distributors or food service providers. They in turn may sell onto your local ‘cash and carry (for a profit) where you buy and stock in your shop. You then sell on to a customer (for a profit) – this in effect is ‘pyramid’ principle and the reason being is that at some point the price point would be greater than anyone would want to pay, hence unsustainable.

No it’s not you cry! OK so ask yourself this – do Lidl, Tesco and Walmart pay the same price for those same beans as you? Does the fact that they buy at a greatly reduced price per unit affect your opportunity to sell it on for a profit? Of course it does.

With  Juice Plus+ there is only one price structure for everyone.

Juice Plus Online Franchise is structured so that the distributors who actually make the sales reap the rewards of the savings made by  Juice Plus not needing to pay for retail space, utilities in shops, corporation taxes on premises, staff in shops, advertising etc.  Savings made go directly to the distributors in the very generous bonus schemes whilst profits go to improving the products and developing new products, such as the omega oils which are due out in 2017.

Am I working with a well known brand?

Yes, this is your chance to work with a successful and well known brand. Make your own decisions and control your own time with one of the strongest global brands in the market today.

Juice Plus+ (parent company NSA) is a nutritional health success story like Amazon is a retail success story. With over 10,000 people in the UK alone who have joined and are benefiting from the very same opportunity that Healthy Wealthy Warriors are offering to  YOU.  We help people to fulfil that deep desire to be independent and the need to take control whilst unshackling themselves from the financial treadmill of ordinary, everyday 9-5 routine, rush-hour traffic, office politics, stressful deadlines, threats of redundancy etc.


An average person is fed a daily dose of over 5000 messages asking them to buy.

People are savvy and extremely selective about which messages they act on. Selling is not necessary. Like a stone in a pond your own experiences of the Juice Plus+ products and Healthy Wealthy Warriors opportunity, shared to your inner circle of friends without expectation ripple out and create a growing wave of interest.