For the many believers of the Christian Bible, these comforting words give hope to the ‘underdogs’, decent, hard-working people who live the good life with high moral standards and care for their neighbours. 

Today, the day Donald Trump is to be inaugurated as President of the USA, these words seem further from he truth than ever before.  With no military or political office to his name, no relevant experience, he has ‘inherited’ one of the most powerful and influential positions in the world.  This can surely only be due to the power and influence he has gained through his phenomenal financial, material wealth and the connections this has brought him.

  • Multinational companies such as Starbucks and Amazon have been found to evade taxes
  • Global banks such as HSBC can set up offices specifically for the wealthy to use as tax havens in Switzerland
  • The food industry can contaminate our food with horse-meat and pass it off as beef
  • the UK can hold a referendum that not only lacked any legally binding outcome, but that was proven to be based on lies and misinformation yet can be taken as a formal vote with far-reaching global consequences. 
  • When the out-going President Obama has evidence of foreign influences corrupting the outcome of a democratic election yet is unable to do anything to prevent the outcome, we have to ask ourselves one question:

What can WE as decent, hard-working, law-abiding citizens do in the face of their wealth, power and influence?

  • When finances are just about enough to get by each month,
  • When our time is consumed by the daily commute to work and a job that we need but don’t enjoy
  • When our work-life IMBALANCE is so disrupted that the precious little time we have with those who we love is better spent in a bubble, ignoring the horrors of the corrupt global leaders and greedy multinationals.

The Healthy Wealthy Warriors has been set up to add financial power and physical health to the moral voice of the underdogs,

There IS a way for us to earn what we are worth and THRIVE instead of just survive.  In the UK the media has even come up with an acronym, they refer to the JAMS in society: the people who are ‘Just About Managing’, which is exactly where governments like us to be.

The time has come to fight for good health instead of relying on a failing National Health Service, to fight for wealth instead of financially treading water with no time left for family life.

The Healthy Wealthy Warriors don’t just survive…. We thrive!


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