Do you struggle to find a job that you can juggle with the amount of coursework you need to complete yet still pay the bills?  Are you looking for a job that will enable you to mix with more people, have fun and be able to afford a fantastic lifestyle without having a detrimental impact on your studies?

Look no further!  A Juice Plus online franchise business will allow you to set up your own global internet-based business that you can manage in your own time 24/7 and gain a passive income while you sleep – or while you are in lectures!


What is more important, is that Juice Plus will provide you  and your customers with 30 varieties of fruit, vegetables and berries to keep your immune system strong and in 2017 the omega capsules will be introduced that will benefit your memory and brain power as well!  Keeping healthy throughout your studies and particularly at exam time is as important as your ability to revise and Juice Plus offers a convenient and affordable way to stay healthy and get wealthy by promoting it online though the website that you will be given as part of your franchise.

At just £50 start-up cost and all the training and support you need, you cannot fail with this business, you can only give up!  You can work hard at it when you have more time, then ease back when you need to revise for exams.

The parent company of Juice Plus has been in business for over 40 years, and the Europen Juice Plus franchise has been expanding steadily over the last 25+ years with the next country to open being the United Arab Emirates on 22 November 2016, so if you have any contacts there 9or in any of the other 30+ countries where franchises are available) then you can build your international business right away!

For more information and to get started right away, contact