A rare opportunity to join a well-known growing business that is already thriving in over 30 countries and will be launching in Dubai and all the Emirates on 22nd November 2016, ready for the public launch on 14th January 2017.

One of the most glamorous places on earth with unparalleled WEALTH – but not unparalleled HEALTH…

  • 66% Men and 60% Women are obese
  • UAE Children are more obese than US Children
  • 1 in 5 Emiratis has diabetes
  • 40% of the nation has high blood pressure
  • Heart attacks are striking 20 years earlier, at 45


The expansion of the Juice Plus online franchise into this region will not only present a rare and phenomenally profitable opportunity to anyone who gets into this market from the start, but it will also bring better health to the masses because of its affordability and high nutritional content.

Juice Plus Premium is encapsulated fruit, vegetables and berries taken straight from the plant and dehydrated thereby retaining 98% of the trace elements, unlike the fruit and vegetables found in supermarkets.  The independent scientific research shows how this simple, convenient way of incorporating more phytonutrients into our body benefits our microbiome thereby keeping our immunity strong; it reduces the inflammatory load in our gut and it is extremely beneficial to our cardiac health.  for further product information and research, visit simonedavis.juiceplus.com

As a business opportunity, it is second to none because there are no overheads, you do not have to buy products for resale, there is no need to stock or deliver products to your customers – it truly is a business-in-a-box solution that provides equal opportunities for development to everyone who sets up their own franchise. For more information, please email info@HealthWealthyWarriors.com.