Some of the answers to this question are glaringly obvious:  if you are employed then you need another income stream to decrease the risk of financial instability if you find yourself facing redundancy.  Many people say they are too busy to set up their own business because they have too much to do with work and family, but look at it this way:  if your employer wants to make you redundant what value does your loyalty and hard work have to you?  Are you too buys looking after your employer to secure your own needs and those of your family? 

A network marketing business can be run part-time in the nooks and crannies of your day, it is something you can build while you socialise so you can maintain a good quality of life audit is very forgiving if you have a ‘busy phase’ in life when you have less focus on the business but STILL gain a passive income from it!

Another reason why people need a second income stream that may be less obvious is that if, for example, your income is solely from the country you live in, then you are vulnerable to the economic fluctuations of that country.  For example, the UK economy is less stable during the BREXIT negotiations so anyone with a global internet franchise is able to spread their income streams across various countries by building teams abroad.  That means each month you would have pay lines from various countries, some of which will be performing better than others, os you have spread the risk of the economic uncertainty.

Given that the cost of setting up a network marketing franchise with Juice Plus is so low and the product so simple (fruit and veg in a capsule) then why would anyone not want an additional income from that?  Everyone needs more fruit and vegetables, regardless of what language they speak or which country they come from, so all you have to do is find a local to represent you and help them grow a team! 

In summary, it is not only highly advisable to have multiple income streams from various countries, but it is so incredibly affordable (£50 / $ 50 / € 50) then why would anyone not take up the opportunity?

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