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Healthy Wealthy Warriors



Some of us are very healthy, some of us are very wealthy, but the most important factor for the Healthy Wealthy Warriors is to get the balance right between the two and thrive financially as well as being healthy.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How financially secure would you be if you were suddenly unable to work at your current job for one month?
  • What is your ‘Plan B’ if you are made redundant?
  • If you are self-employed, what would happen if you become ill, break an arm or a leg
    sky work life
    Imagine having an income that supports work-life balance…

    or are unable to drive?

  • Do you worry about making ends meet, paying off loans or debts?
  • Will your pension plan support you in the lifestyle you are  currently accustomed to, taking inflation and healthcare needs into account?
  • Does your job provide your main income stream but cost you your health: waking in the night worrying about deadlines, dreading the office politics, high stress levels / high blood pressure?
  • Are you fit and healthy enough to be able to enjoy all the activities you used to?
  • Do you worry about the global financial crisis, political uncertainty and job security?
  • Do you have enough money for the ‘finer things in life’ to treat yourself to? Nice holidays, good food, the security of knowing that if you had to drop everything to help a friend or relative, that you would be healthy and wealthy enough to be able to do it?

Join the Healthy Wealthy Warriors TODAY to take back control of your health and your wealth with your own internet business that you can run either part-time alongside your main job.  The start-up cost is as low as you will find for a business-in-a-box solution and you can be up-and-running today and get your first commissions into your bank in less than a month from NOW.

  • Earn a PASSIVE INCOME from this online business opportunity.
  • Earn money while you sleep
  • Have a realistic opportunity to gain FINANCIAL FREEDOM with a second income in this work from home opportunity.
  • Be one of the ‘first in’ when the franchise opens up in Dubai on 22 November 2016, ready for the public launch on 14th January 2017.
  • Imagine having a job that encourages you to Get Healthy, where you can go to conferences with up to 4000 people in a room and not hear anyone coughing or spluttering with winter bugs!
  • Work from home and earn what you are worth!  The more people you help, the faster and bigger your income will grow!
  • Build your wealth steadily and reliably – this is not designed to be a get rich quick scheme, although very generous bonuses can make a huge difference at the end of the month!
  • Have an online business that help you to gain a COMPETITIVE EDGE by being on a team with experts in nutrition and healthcare.  We are here to support you and give you professional advice for your customers, if needed.  All the information you give to your customers needs to be founded upon the research and information that we make available to you, or that falls within your existing qualifications or professional remit.
  • No experience or prior knowledge is necessary, full training will be available.shutterstock_112158569-copy
  • Work the hours you choose to fit around your LIFE, family and having fun.
  • Eliminate work stress by working with people you choose and who you like
  • Lead by example in the goal of attaining GOOD HEALTH through taking the Juice Plus supplements and sharing your story about how it has benefited you.  This opportunity is about SHARING, NOT SELLING.
  • benefit from the Child Health Study. For every adult that takes the encapsulated fruit, vegetables and berries, Juice plus will sponsor a child of your choice to receive their supplements FREE OF CHARGE.  All that is asked is that you pay the postage and complete an online questionnaire every four months about how that child’s health has improved and hat changes you have noticed.
  • Help people who are struggling with Weight management.  Whilst not being a WEIGHT LOSS supplement, Juice Plus combined with the healthy nutrition plan devised by one of the Healthy Wealthy Warriors, Sue Worral, who has been in nutrition for over 25 years, you and/or your customers can attain your optimal weight whilst earning money at the same time!

The election of Donald Trump, the Brexit vote in the UK  have brought about tremendous uncertainty in households and businesses all around the world.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer has never been more true.  The social divide has never been greater – or has it…??

Network Marketing is all the rage at the moment and high profile figures such as financial guru Robert Kyosaki, entrepreneur Richard Branson and many others are saying it is the business of the future.  There are countless ‘rags to riches’ stories, far too many in the company I work with to list here, but the reasons are obvious:

I have been self-employed for over 10 years working on a time-for-money basis in my Chinese Medicine clinic and I learned several things:

Most people are stressed about their money problems or their health problems. hose who have a lot of money are stressed because their health is failing because of the hours they have had to work, so they end up spending it in clinics like mine so I can bring them back to good health!

After years of seeing this dynamic, I set up the Healthy Wealthy Warriors to unite people who want to get the balance right between the two.  Network marketing with a Juice Plus franchise is the perfect way to get HEALTHY and get WEALTHY at the same time, and still have quality time left for your family and your hobbies.